Welcome to DTU Football

Dear member,
Welcome to the official website of DTU football club. In this website you will be able to sign up for playing at the football sessions as well as participating in the internal tournaments. Every semester we are open for new members to join the club, a registration form and a fee of 100dkk per semester is required for joining the club, info on how to apply is given before the semester starts. (Unfortunately memberships are CLOSED until next semester because we have reached our max number of members)

Indoor Football Sessions:
- When? Throughout the year except during summer break.
- Location? Indoor pitch in hall 2, building 101, DTU.
- Sessions? Mondays (17:00-19:15), Tuesdays (21:00-23:00) and Fridays (17:15-21:00)
- Sign up? A board member will post the call for the game the day before each session, first 18 players signing up are allowed to play on that session.
- Rules? We make 3 teams of 5/6 players each session (max 18 players) and play against each other. The team who scores first goal stays on the pitch, in case of draw the older team on the pitch gets out.

Outdoor football Sessions:
- When? During summer break, from June to August.
- Location? Outdoor pitch, close to building 230, DTU.
- Sessions? To be set at the beginning of the summer break.
- Sign up? To be set at the beginning of summer. Due to low number of signs ups from our club non-members are welcome to play and generally we also try to play together with other players from DTU and Haldor Topsoe.
- Rules? Depending on number of players we use the entire field or just parts of it to play 11vs11, 7vs7 or whatever is posible. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the pitch!

DTU Football

DTU Sport